Quick Hits for 6/20

  • The NHL GM Meetings run from 3pm to 6pm Pacific time. After much frustration about the cap limit possibly not coming until Saturday, there is now an indication, according to multiple national media outlets, that the cap limit could be announced tonight directly after the GM meetings. That would be 9pm Eastern. We could see a flood of trade activity starting tonight and in the hours leading up to the draft.
  • If you take a look around the Pittsburgh news media, DK Sports, The Athletic, and Pittsburgh Sports now all have similar pieces of what 3-5 things need to happen during the draft weekend. All 3 outlets have moving Kessel on their list. Despite what Rutherford has said, the general feeling from the Pittsburgh sports media is that bridges were burned, and that both Rutherford and Sullivan are ready to move on. If Kessel isn’t moved, it doesn’t sound like it will be for lack of trying.
  • Anything GMJR does this offseason, we should be hoping for trades instead of UFA signings. The Hayes and Karlsson signings have driven prices into the absurd range for most UFAs. Reports that Marcus Johansson, a half a point per game player, is looking for 5-6M a year. The Hayes signing likely pushes Matt Duchene into the 9-10M range, and Panarin into guaranteed double-figures. The only hope in the UFA market is, for the past few years, there has always been a few players who either over play their worth, or just get left out in the cold. One could hope there are some bargains left out there around July 15th after the initial splurge over overspending.
  • More and more players keep entering the official rumor mill. LeBrun says Vegas looking at options to move Colin Miller and Nikita Guysev to free up cap space; Toronto reportedly talked to Carolina in terms of a Kapanen for Pesce related swap; Edmonton reached out to Carolina about Mrazek; looking more and more likely that Rangers attempt to move Krieder. Lots and lots of moves being discussed. Expect even more if the cap comes in under 82M.

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