Tracking Jack Johnson: Game 1 vs Buffalo

Live Game Notes

Through the 1st period of the game, Jack Johnson had the lowest 5v5 ice time of any Penguins defenseman, as well as the lowest total (all strengths) of any Penguin defenseman. In one or two instances, Pettersson jumped out on the ice with Schultz instead of Johnson. Johnson had a poor clearing attempt/breakout attempt that went directly to a Sabre and led to a good chance for the Sabres

Through the 2nd period of the game, Jack Johnson continues to have the lowest 5v5 TOI of any Penguin defenseman. Johnson played well on the penalty kill in the 2nd period, before the Sabres scored one on the PP (with Johnson on the bench).

Through the 3rd period, Johnson finished the game with the lowest 5v5 TOI for the Penguins defensemen, with 12:04. Gudbranson was next lowest with 13:42 5v5 TOI. Johnson also finished last in TOI (all strengths), almost a full minute less than Gudbranson.

Tonight’s Stats

Jack Johnson had the worst Corsi % (all strengths) out of all the Penguins defensemen. He was tied with Dumoulin for the worst Scoring Chances % (all strengths). Johnson was not on the ice for any of the 3 goals scored against the Penguins.

Game 1 Conclusion and Grade

This was a poor game by the Penguins all around, and, if I had to give Johnson a 1-6 scoring grade (with 6 being the worst), he’d probably come in around 4 or 5 tonight. Brian Dumoulin had a rough night, caught pinching up twice on Sabres goals.

Johnson was not the reason for tonight’s loss, and had minimal impact on the outcome of this game. However, it was noticeable that Pettersson was getting some extra shifts with Schultz, instead of Johnson. Something to keep an eye on in future games.

Next Up

I won’t be online to do Saturday’s game, so Game 3 against Winnipeg next Tuesday will be our next look at Johnson and his play.

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